What would do to be able to enter the twist and turns of your modern Land Rover electronic brains, selecting optional features, deleting fault codes (getting you back on the road!) and even fine-tuning the air suspension’s height? Well, you need nothing more than to plug a Gap Diagnostic’s IID Tool in your OBD port.
Despite its size (72x43x23mm), the IIDTool is a fully featured diagnostic system offering functionality only found in systems costing much more and relying on a laptop.
The device is first and foremost a self-contained diagnostic system. It does not require any power supply or cable. Its diagnostic functions include component and system calibration, Car Configuration File editing, and ECU flash functions.
You command it via the steering wheel controls (or from your smartphone or tablet) to instantly go through the intuitive menu providing all the functionalities, options and read real-life data on the binnacle LCD screen. Alternatively, you can opt for the £445 Bluetooth version connected to an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone.
From fault finding and clearing to complex changes in the vehicle’s car configuration, the IIDTool does it all, but for safety, the original ECU settings are backed up and 3 memory slots are available to save your favourite settings.
The IIDTool works absolutely anywhere, from your own garage to the Andean Altiplano – or the dual carriageway emergency lane… The coverage is for all Range Rovers since 2002, including Sports and Evoques, Freelander 2 and Discovery 3, 4 and Disco Sport, 2007-onwards Defenders – but more model will be available soon.
After health checks, your are for instance able to adjust your Range Rovers or Disco 3./4 heights (front, rear, side to side) in order to have a perfectly leveled vehicle – very convenient before sending it to alignments. It should now drives straight as an arrow, saving on tyre wear.
It also allows a roof rack fitted Range Rover to fit a garage thanks to a 20mm reduction in its Low Position. One could also opt to raise its High Position to an extra 45m for example.
You can also customize some options that Land Rover did not offer from new, such as automatically turning daytime running light, choosing the « Follow me home » lights, and even commanding the sunroof and windows from the key fog.
What does it command?
The standard IIDTool offers fault reading and clearing on most of the vehicle’s systems, including ABS, airbags, audio system, BCM, engine management, instrument pack, LCM, navigation system, steering angle resetting, TPMS, transfer case and transmission. It also offers live data reading, component testing along with programming and calibration for air suspension system. This is an absolute must – period.
Price: From £379
Vehicle covered:
Defender L316 2007-2015
Discovery 3/LR3 L319 2004-2009
Discovery 4/LR4 L319 2010-2016
Discovery Sport L550 2014-2017
Freelander 2/LR2 L359 2007-2014
Range Rover Evoque L538 2011-2016
Range Rover L322 2002-2012
Range Rover L405 2013-2016
Range Rover Sport L320 2005-2013
Range Rover Sport L494 2014-2016

2017+ will be added this year