Not only the ‘Carta‘ is on, you can follow all participants live here:

The Carta Rally is a unique, mixed off-road race, over 8 days in the maroccan desert. Several races are held at the same time on the Carta Rally. Whether racers have chosen the Cross-Country (rally-raid) or GPS Challenge category, amateur drivers compete each day on up to 2500 km of tracks and off-piste.

All categories are open to 4×4, 4×4 historic, 2 WD Buggies, SSV and trucks.

On the first day, today, Monday 12th, after a 45 miles liaison, competitors will start on line on the ‘Plage blanche’. There is no time to linger around so as not to be trapped between the sea and the dunes because of the rising tide.

The competitors will leave the beach driving in the Drâa, the longest river in Morocco that flows into the Atlantic after feeding the arid lands. A rocky leg! Slow and steady wins the race. We’ll report daily about the Carta all week – stayd tuned.

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here’s a great video about last year’s rally: