Jeep officially ended production of the Wrangler JK on April 27th, building the final example of one of the most popular Jeeps ever. The final JK was a white Unlimited Rubicon, a fitting configuration given that vehicle’s importance to the Jeep brand.

It was the long wheelbase four-door ‘Unlimited’ that made the Jeep Wrangler JK so popular. it offered relatively comfortable seating for five as well as reasonable cargo room, combined with the top-down, doors-off fun of Wrangler ownership. It was (and still is) a good balance between off-road fun and daily driving convenience.

The Wrangler JK first went into production in August 2006, with 2.1 million sold since then. The JK also fostered a thriving aftermarket. It has been the most popular SUV at the SEMA Show more times than we can count, a testament to its customization-friendly design.

The JK was produced concurrently with the all-new JL for a few months to allow dealers to shore up their inventories of the latter before losing the former. The production space vacated by the JK will soon be used to produce the Wrangler JL–based pickup, codenamed JT and likely to wear the Scrambler moniker.

Even in anticipation of the Scrambler, however, we can’t help but admit we’ll miss the JK.