Mindful greenlaner Paul Carter started the Salisbury plain 4×4 and Wiltshire Byways Facebook group a year ago after realising the majority of off-roaders didn’t know the restrictions or laws of the MoD land. Interacting with the authorities, sharing live fire times or closures, the page has become the Go-to online resource to check before a visit.

Paul’s page has a following of more than 2,950 and is having a serious impact, pushing best practice to follow. Each weekend he posts reminders about areas subject to Voluntary Restraint and reminds people which areas are closed for live firing. Occasionally he posts a one-page precis of the bylaws as a reminder of the rules for the public enjoyment of the training area.

Paul also offers to assist clubs or groups’ trip in the Plain, organising a safe route and showing great sceneries. The group and organised trips are free, but every month a charity that had touched members such as the local hospice or a child cancer playgroup are supported thanks to donations. The members also volunteer to clear byways with the help of GLASS. (Info: Salisbury Plain 4×4 Wiltshire ByWays Group on Facebook.)