With more than 300 international exhibitors and over 50 000 visitors from all over the world, the Abenteuer & Allrad show is not just the ‘World´s largest adventure, and off-road show’ is still the measure of all belonging to 4×4-vehicles, off-road-equipment, outdoor and caravanning-accessories and adventure-travelling.



The most important 4×4-event of the year will present the wide range in the field of off-road- and outdoor.


The selection of products at the showground features the most important 4WD (well also 6 and even 8WD !) vehicles, quads, ATVs and SUVs and also impressive expedition and desert action vehicles.


Spare parts, equipment and services from the fields of cross-country, travelling and caravanning experts are also on hand.

Last, but not least, Abenteuer & Allrad is a major activity fair where visitors can experience 4×4-vehicles self-drives off-road on a dedicated track.


Heaven on earth if you ask us! Here are some cool snaps from the show ground: