It is hard to believe, but the current Jimny is already 20 years old – and still selling strong. Suzuki has finally decided to update its mini-4×4.

The main design evolution is the front – with obvious styling cues to not only the current model but arguably the G-Wagon and the Hummer H2, all with a twist of retro design – excellent!

The new version is already being built, and pictures are popping up in the web even though the launch is not planned until later this year.

It will be even sexier once fitted with the export package, including the wider wheel arches and wheels.

The New Jimnys should offer a petrol 1.1L turbo or a naturally aspirated 1.2-liter engine.

Expect to find the classic hard-wearing rough finish moulded plastic interior. Bar the touchscreen, the new dash is indeed reminiscent of the early 90’s!