Elon Musk has revealed some details about the short-nose pickup Tesla plans to build, in his tweets on Tuesday. The specs sound very interesting. The information Musk relayed was that the pickup will have the standard dual-motor all-wheel drive, with what he calls “crazy torque.”

That much is expected, considering the power figures we’ve seen with existing Tesla products. There’s also auto-levelling suspension, which is handy for a work pickup, and that the vehicle will be able to parallel park automatically.

There will also be power outlets in the bed for 240V, in the style of Workhorse. According to Musk, the pickup will have a 360-degree camera view and sonar to monitor its surroundings. Musk also dropped a hint of a “special built-in sensor,” but didn’t divulge what the sensor is for. “Details later,” Musk added.

In addition to the specifications listed above, there’s a chance Tesla customers could have some input in the pickup’s development, regarding both small and big features.

Musk asked, “What would you love to see in a Tesla pickup pickup?” Features such as heated door handles and a voice-activated bed enclosure were eagerly suggested.

The timeline for the pickup’s unveiling would most likely take place after next year. And as Business Insider says, the Model 3’s production issues might result in the pickup hitting the market after 2020. Plus, the rollout of the Model Y has been mentioned as preceding the pickup.

Source: autoblog.com