Rallye Breslau Poland 2018 – DAY 3 Sandstorms in Drawsko

‘As soon as we left the dust, it was fantastic!’ says Bernd Jaeger with his famous VW T3 Rallyebus. ‘Can you imagine the fun we had in the sand?’ Racing together with Ton Stoker in the Desert Warrior and Gregorz Brochocki in the Dacia Duster, they covered almost 200 kilometres of roadbook, creating sandstorms on the Polygon while the Extreme Class cars and trucks battled in the swamps and rivers.

Finishing as the first car, Ton Stoker is happy and careful with his words. ‘It takes only mistake to mess everything up,’ he says, and he knows from the many years he raced and won here with his Iveco truck. ‘The Desert Warrior is a fantastic vehicle for the sand and the tracks here in Poland, and we have little maintenance to do. Anyone can dream, but we are only on Monday.’

Trying his luck as a navigator, Gilles Girousse is enjoying himself. ‘Can you imagine how many good drivers and cars we have at the start here? I think the top of Europe is racing, with Jim, Franck and many others!’ Gilles went all in today on the extreme sections, he is not just a driver but he lives the race.

When Franck ad Francoise ran out of fuel 500 meter before the finish, Jim Marsden stopped and towed them to their first place today. Sportsmanship is for everyone, an excellent example of the special competition on the Rallye Breslau Poland this year.
The battle in the Big Truck Extreme ranking is fierce and fun – as Alexander Paas broke down in a swamp the other truck teams came to the rescue. ‘That was a great moment,’ says Alexander with a big smile. To go into the mud and water with a big truck is something special, as no one arrives at the finish line alone.

Tomorrow stages of 138 km and 113km with a service stop in between make for a grand day on the Drawsko Polygon. Starting from Konotop the teams head deep into the forest on a generally fast stage with a high average speed. For the navigators it will be a more relaxing day, the drivers will push the throttle and fly across the sand!