Are you ready for a new SUV from Vietnam? New Vietnamese automaker VinFast is headed to the 2018 Paris Motor Show next month to show the world its first two vehicles – a SUV and a saloon.

The company is giving us a preview of that event with a small batch of photos depicting two handsome machines. Credit for at least some of the snazzy design work falls to Pininfarina, which developed the vehicles with VinFast’s in-house team to create what you see here.

“The strong, distinguishable design, enhanced by elegant lines and refined details, gives our cars several distinctive highlights,” said David Lyon, VinFast’s design director. “First and foremost, these emanate around the V logo in the grille which references the country of Vietnam, as well as the Vingroup and VinFast brands. In conjunction with Pininfarina, we have carefully sculptured each body line to express the natural beauty of Vietnam and the warm-hearted and dynamic characteristics of its people through a modern and world-class design language.”

Admittedly, we often hear such abstract language from automakers when it comes to explaining vehicle design. In this case, however, there is a direct connection with how both the SUV and sedan relate to the people of Vietnam. That’s because VinFast actually presented 20 different designs from multiple companies directly to the people, who then voted on the one they liked best. 62,000 people participated, and Pininfarina went home as the winner with the two rides you see here.