After not being able to start our 4×4 after a couple of weeks of it not being used, I purchased an automatic charger. I opted for a Noco G3500 Smart Charger because of its clear controls and indicators, rugged construction, compact size and a very reasonable price (£45).

Also, the company has been selling chargers since 1914, so I figured quality and aftersales service should be on point. Upon receiving it, we were impressed with the quality of the device, its cables and its connectors – even the Apple-like packaging is great.

We installed it first with the provided clamps and let it do its thing, it is ‘smart’ after all. The half-full battery did recharge in only four hours and the V8 startedthe first time. We then opted for the provided eyelet short cable, directly bolted to the battery terminals. This works great, however it means the bonnet has to be opened and closed every time.

Therefore, we recently ordered a more convenient dash mounted inlet and indicator (£10) – image below. We now simply use the ‘plug-n-play’ dash connector and the G3500 goes in its “maintenance” mode 24/7, providing peace of mind knowing the 4×4 will start every time we want to use it. The charger can also be used for other toys, being compatible with 6/12 V lead acid, lithium ion, and even AGM batteries.

Verdict: Great investment

Where do I get this?