Thanks to durable materials such as Clarino synthetic leather and stretch Spandex fabric, these hardwearing, technologically advanced, Mechanix gloves do really protect from cuts or scrapes and keep your hands clean, yet offer an impressively soft feel.

In fact, you can pick up tiny bolts and even washers without a problem. A key factor to their comfort is the wide array of sizes, from XXS to XXL, offering a perfect fit.

We have used the black and white ones but these are offered in a large selection of colours, from camouflage to ‘Hi-Viz’ ones. These brilliant gloves have been way more durable than we expected, but always tactile enough for fiddly jobs.

They also keep your hand warm in during the colder months.

You end up actually using them for much more than car job. You wear them anytime you use tools, operate a grinder, drill or even when using a ride-on lawnmower – hey, you never know!

Anyway, it is perfect for working on your 4×4, especially in the winter.

Verdict: Two enthusiastic – well protected – thumbs-up!

Price: £20

Where fo I get this? Online, car maintenance retailers and DIY stores