… Six Tyres! Makes perfect sense, right. At least it does for Kenny Hauk and his team at Hauk Designs.

Kenny is the lead designer and works with his crew of expert mechanics and fabricators to build ultra-powerful, one-of-a-kind vehicles that look amazing and can go anywhere.

Kenny has just introduced their new show Hauk Machines, following their Road Hauks Show in which they took inspiration from iconic American designs to build beautiful machines (available on History and soon on Amazon Prime).

In their first episode 1, they introduce their first Hauk Machines project, a 6-wheel drive tow-truck that they are building to be unveiled at this years SEMA show in the Pitbull Tires booth.  

They start with a junkyard worthy-looking 1994 Dodge pick-up truck that actually hide a smooth 12 valves Cummins.

As you’ll see, they only will keep parts of the frame and some of the running gear.

You’ll also notice their body-off technique is a bit unconventional yet rather effective.

Make sure to answer the trivia question at the end of the episode in the comment section on YouTube (Here), They’ll randomly select winners each month.

Expect new episodes every week on YouTube from now on, in the meantime, we’ll visit the team at the SEMA Show to discover the final product.