After a fuel filter is renewed, the fuel circuit must be primed, everyone knows that. What not many people know it that Tdci Defenders (2007-16) do not come with an onboard priming pump.

Ford engined Defenders require a special tool Land Rover dealer workshops have. No problem then. Think again if you are travelling outside your country’s boders, where you are most likely to need to change your diesel filter because of poor fuel quality.

Overlanding expert Dominique Totain has come up with an alternative to Land Rover’s expensive pump with one of his own. It only uses Land Rover parts and connects to the diesel line just like the OEM’s item at a fraction of the price.

Multilingual fitting instructions are included. A “Must have” for any overlanding Defender owners, as tested on Service 4×4’s Dakar Rally assistance 130 Td4.

Verdict: Work as advertised – mandatory if you take your Defender abroad.

Price: £90

Where do I get this?