Originally designed to received two Front Runner’s Cub Pack storage boxes, the Monsoon bag can gulps any cargo and keep it perfectly dry and clean. No matter the conditions, the heavy-duty 90-liter bag keeps everything from the elements.

It is ideal to keep bulky and relatively light camping gear such as folding seats, tent and sleeping bags on the roof, clearing precious boot space.

Fill it up, flatten the top Velcro strips and roll it down before buckling it up and releasing the air with the pressure valve. Then strap it down securely on the roof rack.

For the pick-up owners, it is also a great weather-proof storage solution in the bed. It is easy to use and fold back into its box when not needed, perfect for storage in the garage or in the boot year round. Also, when carrying it around, an ingenious side shifting metal handle offsets the load away from you – very practical.

The finish and quality of sonically welded PVC-coated material, buckles and handle are impressive, especially in this price range at £130.

What do we think: Two thumbs up.