Peterborough based specialist, Nene Overland, has just released their first completed 200 Land Cruiser crew cab pick-up conversion details. Based on the 200 Series (or 100 series) the modifications process can be broken down like this:
  • Remove the rear of station wagon body and make into coach built double-cabin.
  • complete all bodywork and repaint.
  • Reconfigure the rear air conditioning vents and system.
  • Build alloy rear dropside body and get all powder coated.
  • Make twin lower storage side lockers 
  • Fit new LED tail lights
  • Make and fit front ladder bar 
Smart twin side lockers make the best of the otherwise lost cargo area under the pick-up bed.
The process required four to five weeks of work, but the result is well worth it. The conversion retails at £12450+VAT.