The folks at Icon have finished yet another amazing restomod vehicle. It’s a 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster that’s been given the Derelict treatment. According to Icon, it’s the first Bronco they’ve done in the Derelict style. In case you’re not familiar with the Icon Derelicts, they’re classic cars that retain mostly stock looks down to the worn, chipped paint. Underneath, however, they’ve been completely overhauled with modern components to make them easy and fun to drive.

In the case of this Bronco, it started as the Roadster variant that had the doors removed and finishing inserts put in their places for maximum open-air driving. The man in charge of Icon, Jonathan Ward, told us that he bought the truck from the original owner, who had not only bought the Bronco new but went on his first date with his future wife in it. Ward had planned to make this a Derelict since it had the original paint on it and just a handful of dings and dents, and he told us that it only took an hour of posting the Bronco with the build plans on Instagram for someone to get in touch and commission the job.

The build was rather extensive. The original paint was given a fresh clear coat on top to keep it from deteriorating further. The freshly protected body was then fitted onto an Art Morrison chassis. The Bronco’s leaf springs were ditched in favour of Fox Racing coilovers. They’re connected to new Dana axles with ARB lockers.

Under the hood is a Coyote V8 from a 2018 Ford Mustang coupled to a five-speed AX15 manual transmission. To stop this much more powerful Bronco, there are also Brembo disc brakes at all four corners.

Finishing things off are the usual subtle Icon touches inside and out. The interior features an Ididit tilt and breakaway steering column for both safety and comfort.

The seats were redone in the original silver vinyl, and a rear seat was added. A Bluetooth-enabled sound system and speakers are hidden inside to you can jam to your tunes in the open air. The stereo also has a vintage-style volume knob to maintain the truck’s classic appearance.

A centre console with cupholders and storage was also fabricated and painted to match the faded white paint. Literally capping things off are Icon’s vintage style 18-inch wheels with Ford hubcaps.

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