If we were familiar with Meguiar’s detailing products, we had no idean Franck Meguiar Jr. started his business with Mirror Bright back in 1901.

The US company has brought back the name with an Art-Deco-esque care product line.

The products are not simply rebranded Meguiar’s shampoo, wheel cleaner, detailing spray, wax and leather lotion though.

Particularly, the fragrances used are subtler, more mature than some of the Meguiar’s equivalent.

The sturdy carrying case makes it very practical to keep it all in the boot, so the products become very handy, especially the detailing spray that can be used inside and out.

Verdict: Meguiar’s quality, without the fruity smells

Price: £50

Where do I get this? Meguiars.co.uk